Thursday, September 17, 2015

Guests Dropping into Redgum Village

The title says it all really " guests drop into Redgum village Danadaragn near Moora"
When your work involves flying a chopper to inspect transmission lines in the dandaragan moora region and you need accommodation for a few nights well yeah drop in!!

The Aeropower crew did just that and we were able to meet all their requirements. They were also comfortable knowing that their chopper could be parked in a safe secure location right where they are staying.
Allows for a stress free sleep.

Plus they had the usual ensuite room all you can eat buffet dinner, a game of pool in the function room, a few beers under the sails and generally just chilled out.

After a cooked hearty breakfast the next day they packed up and flew on out :)

Here is a video of them dropping in

Chopper flying into Dandaragan Redgum Village near Moora

Drop in anytime, you always welcome back.