Friday, January 27, 2017

Regans Ford

Image Resources has applied for 83 sq km which includes the Regans Ford heavy minral sands deposit containing Mineral Resources.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Extension Badgingarra Windfarm


The project site is located between Munbinea Road and the Brand Highway, to the west of the Badgingarra townsite, east of Dandaragan townsite and south east of Jurien Bay. 

The Windfarm will cover 17 properties with a total land area of approximately 21,660ha, used predominately for grazing and cropping with some small areas of remnant vegetation within the project site with the Badgingarra National Park located immediately adjacent to the south-east. 

As detailed in the development application and reported to Council in December 2008, the facility will generate up to 130MW from 43 to 65 turbines (depending on the final choice of turbine size and manufacturer). 

The electricity generated is equivalent to meeting the requirements for approximately 80,000 homes. The turbines are proposed to be situated on previously cleared farm land, causing minimal environmental impact during and after the construction phase. 
The timeframe for construction is expected to take around 16 to 20 months depending on the number of turbines to be installed

PROPOSAL The applicant is seeking a further extension of three (3) years to the period of planning approval for the BadgingarraWindfarm, scheduled to lapse on the 19 December 2016.


Moved That Council pursuant to Regulation 77 of the deemed provisions Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations grant a three year extension to the planning approval originally granted December 2008 and as amended in 2010, 2012 & 2014 for the Badgingarra Windfarm 
(Lots 3850, 3755, 51, 3745, 3704, 50, 3747, 3754, 3753, 3748, 1651, 3774, 3742, 3743, 3744, 3738, 3739 in Badgingarra Locality) resulting in the revised expiry date of 12 December 2019 subject to the following conditions...........