Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Moora Opportunities

Moora 33km from Dandaragan, our big brother neighbour.

Business Opportunities

Moora is a thriving country town in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Being the largest inland service centre between Perth and Geraldton, Moora provides a wealth of services.
The population catchment within a 100 km radius of Moora would be 6000 residents, and yes that includes Dandaragan.

There is a growing population relocating to the Wheatbelt taking advantage of the semi-rural lifestyle, but still want access to services and facilities offered in metropolitan areas.

This presents enormous opportunities to establish businesses of all kinds within the region.

Shire of Moora Business Directory

Government Agencies based in the Shire of Moora

Moora Chamber of Commerce

Investment Opportunities

The Shire of Moora is a dynamic and exciting part of Western Australia. Boasting a very reliable rainfall that supports successful, leading Western Australian farming enterprises.
In recent times the Shire of Moora has been "discovered" in its close proximity to the Capital City of Perth (only 172km to the South).

Accessibility through major road and rail networks:

  • the Great Northern Highway, 
  • the Brand Highway, 
  • Midlands Rail Line and 
  • the Midlands Road being the most prominent.

Major industry within the Shire of Moora: 

  • agriculture (broad acre crops, horticulture, cattle and sheep), 
  • tourism and hospitality, 
  • manufacturing, 
  • retail, 
  • education and health. 
Additional industries include concrete, mining of granite and silica and timber.
Fresh ground water aquifers west of Moora position the district for increasing intensive agricultural, horticultural and value adding industries.

The Shire of Moora boasts new enterprise to our west with various horticultural enterprises such as two large citrus plantations and a tropical fruit orchard.
This type of development in the vicinity of Moora as the regional centre creates many opportunities for supporting infrastructure and developments as well as new service opportunities.

Forecasts of approximately 100 new full time employees will be needed to staff these businesses over the next 5 years. Plus substantial seasonal employment.

Moora is the centre of one of the most reliable oilseed and cereal crop growing regions. Creating opportunities for the development of biofuels, including ethanol and biodiesel into the future.

All this within 33km of Dandaragan