Monday, April 25, 2016

Dandaragan Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Zagro Australia Pty Ltd (business name: Dandaragan Estate)

Origins - The Dandaragan Estate Story

The pristine environment of Australia goes hand in hand with its strong reputation for the production of quality food and agriculture.
The wine industry has been the most recent to experience the impact of Australia's great natural assets and it was only a matter of time before Australia entered the large and established olive oil market.
Olive growing is now the largest new horticultural industry in Australia.

Dandaragan Estate oils come from olives grown in the Moore River region in Western Australia, where olives have been grown since 1846.
The Moore River region has a Mediterranean type climate ideal for growing premium quality olives, and Dandaragan Estate grows and harvests its own olives for blending into its award winning Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils.
Dandaragan Estate sells only the finest in ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils.

Each year the harvest provides the raw materials for four master blends;

  • Delicate, 
  • Fruity, 
  • Robust and 
  • Chef’s Choice. 

These blends are created by one of Australia's leading blenders to give you the choice between:

  • Delicate blend - a beautifully sweet versatile oil
  • Fruity blend - imparts more olive fruit characters
  • Robust blend - distinctive characteristics ideal for adding flavour.
  • Chef’s Choice - a restaurant blend
The Delicate, Fruity and Robust blends are sold in stores in 375ml and 500ml bottles and some stores stock 4 litre tins.

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